Treat to Art – An Angono Rizal tour

Angono Art Tour

These are the moments that I am pleased with myself, giving in and just went with the flow. I was ‘dragged’ by my good friend Robbie, also part of the group Culture Shock, a new group that is handling tours on cultures, food appreciation and art.

Coincidentally, the day before I went to the tour, I stumbled upon a magazine article how Angono was famous for its artists such as Francisco Botong, Nemiranda, etc.I never knew we would also encounter a before Christ art done by our ancestors which is also known as Petroglyphs.

Our next stop was at Nemiranda’s house and there were hundreds of paintings all over as well as the garnered awards. It is different experience when you are at their own workstation. You can feel the amount of time and passion the artist had spent in every painting.

Big lockets. I like.

and this sign. I like it too. :D

Before the artists’ homes only served as a gallery. Since there were visitors and field trips, most of the artists had an idea to build a restaurant. Surprisingly, the food was appetizing and serves exotic food like crickets. Crunchy!

I like the fact that Angono is not just about traditional art and also makers of prop designs. I was in awe and blurted out, “Gawa ng Filipino yan??? (“Filipinos did these?”). Their creations are world-class and I was not surprised that their masterpieces are being exported at the different parts of the world.

What I know about Higantes Festival is all about the giants. But there is another story behind it. Long ago, it was “paghihiganti” meaning revenge and they used these big mascots to scare off enemies. It later evolves to “Higante” or “Higantes” and now practiced in Angono, Rizal. I also noticed that every artist’s house we went to, they have a mini workshop where they can create these mascots. It’s nice to know everyone participates in this kind of event that happens every November.

The grandson of Botong Francisco welcomed us in his workshop and showed some of his artworks. Timing it is, the student Botong used to mentor, came in and narrated stories about Botong Francisco. :)

The Blanco Family eats art for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just kidding. But literally, just like any office hours, they’ve dedicated themselves on painting from morning until night time. The father Jose “Pitok” Blanco with wife and 7 kids, altogether they create masterpieces and eventually had their own and family exhibitions. Their house expanded for their growing collection of artworks since the kids were painting at a very young age.. like 2 years old.

Remembered myself saying, “San nabibili ang disiplina?” (Where to buy discipline?). I think they are the best examples of discipline.

Peter Paul, the youngest of the Blanco siblings, painted this art when he was 10 years old. When I was 10, I was bratty and made my family do the felt paper project in school.

This is a large masterpiece the father finished for 2 years. These people are from Angono and they were all encountered by Mr. Blanco.

I like how we ended our tour with a modern feel. Mr. Orville Tiamson treated us with (not just yummy food!) but also a workshop on drawing and shading. I like how he works, with a classic music on the background and a modern interior that creates a very solemn environment.

I suggest, REALLY SUGGEST, that you take part on this journey with Cultureshock. It’s enriching and  you will revive the feeling of appreciation with arts and Angono itself.

Group shot!

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