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I’m about to go on an international trip next week and these are now the days I am most alert. I have to get ready with everything. The important must secure are the contents of your luggage, documents (tickets, passport )and money, of course.

I am a different person when I travel. I am totally obsessive-compulsive to every document signed or handed to me. Everything goes to the brown envelope with plastic.  The passport, travel tax receipt, boarding pass, hotel bookings, tickets, pen, etc. All of these are important and must not be lost during your trip.

So… the brown envelope with plastic is not exactly a thing you would carry around the airport. Parang mag-aapply lang ng trabaho hahaha. I believe you can still keep the documents intact in your bag or purse. But everything is fast phasing when you travel, luggages are heavy and things can be misplaced. Fortunately, I was able to stumble upon a group buying site where they sell some nifty practical items for an affordable price.

Travelus Handy Passport Holder 2012 Edition for 385 pesos. It holds the essentials, your passport, enough money, credit cards, passes, etc. Free delivery around Metro Manila and purchased mine today. Excited!!

Notice the little airplane detail. Cute. :D

Besides being organized with your papers and passport, securing your luggages are crucial. The risk of letting go to hands of unknown and cases of theft are the worst scenarios you might encounter.

To be 100% sure and safe, here are some handful tips I came up with. With the help of observation and experiences, of course. :)

1. Padlocks. Buy padlocks that can secure the zippers. Be sure to secure every zipper from your luggage. Small objects, like drugs or sharp objects, can be inserted inside your bag and luggages. Do not buy cheap plastic padlocks used for notebooks / diaries (haha). If you are going to buy luggages, refrain from buying those bags with a lot of compartments.

2. Ribbons. To the luggage claiming area, have you noticed that there were luggages that has ribbons tied on it. Well, luggages can be “generic” and your bag might be similar to any passenger. Bag tags can be removed or lost but ribbons are difficult to remove, depends upon how it is tied. The ribbons are as simple as an identification of your bags, just “more gay” than the rest. hehe.

3. Do not buy designer / too expensive luggages. I really don’t recommend buying designer bags or anything you consider more valuable than your life. Your bag will not receive any kind of special treatment. It would be thrown carelessly among the rest of the bags. Buy luggages that are sturdy enough for more future travels.

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4. Lastly, know the rules beforehand on what to and not to bring. My favorite and expensive umbrella was confiscated because it is considered a “weapon”. The 200 ml limit on liquids too are still implemented until today.

I  am sure there are countless of things to remember during your trip. It’s better to be cautious about these things to prevent hassles. Share more if you have any.

Have a nice and safe trip!

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