Kids Carnival by U Happy Events

Kids Carnival

I volunteered to become a photographer for a day for U! Happy Events last June 30, 2012 at Quezon City Memorial Circle. It was attended by kuyas, ates, and children volunteers to share their time, energy and happiness to 150 kids of Payatas. Their theme is U! Can Kids Carnival and I was excited since I’m expecting lot of energy and colorful setup. :D

Each kid was paired up to assigned volunteers and it’s their job to accompany their kid partner to visit booths for some games and treats.

I personally like the cupcake and cookie decorating booth. It looks so delicious and I was not surprised when the booth was crowded by  a lot of kiddos. iACADEMY employees and students were also present there, my former employer, to teach some art and coloring. There were also activities such as ball throwing, chemical mixing, mini golf playing, face painting and whole lot more.

What comes into your mind when there’s a “carnival”? Acrobats, costumes, clowns, and magic! I think I would have to watch Madagascar 3 again hehe. Afro circus! Afro circus!

There’s one booth where the kids should complete this sentence, “I want to be…” and I wish these kids achieve their dreams someday. :)

Kids happily assisted by kid, ate and kuya volunteers :)

Major Group Shot!


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    When’s the next event? I want to join. :)

  • karlytops

    I don’t know yet but you may inquire to U! Happy events :P
    here’s there page:

  • Karla Solis

    I don’t know yet with U! Happy events but you may inquire to their fb page:

    thanks !