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I am a fan of reality tv shows especially the ones with tasks, chasing time and all drenched up with mud. That’s why I’m a fan of Amazing Race where contestants need to complete tasks in every leg of the race. They get to travel in different parts of the world, do extreme activities and be as strategic as possible with their choices.

I got to see Amazing Race Australia’s first episode and their first stop was Manila. They need to eat balut, an option to learn a festival dance or  catch a pig. Their last task was so exhausting that the first pair to arrive was almost the last one to finish the race. It was really unpredictable and thrilling.

In the Philippines, we also did reality tv shows like Amazing Race. But never we did “reality show web series”. The show is called PHL360 composed of renowned travel bloggers with different personalities paired up to each other and managed by famous bloggers / artists who already bagged awards for blogging, filming, etc.

Pictures of their travels. 

Things they wore, used, etc. 

I had a privileged to see the first episode because I was invited by Robbie Bautista of  The Creative Dork, my frienemy (on and off away at bati for 6 years and counting hehehe), one of the stars at the reality web show.

It already aired its first episode:

Pls. support and watch the series starting June 28, 2012. Robbie is the ultragaystar of the show, you’ll see why after watching :)

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Karla Solis is based from the Philippines, currently pursuing Digital Marketing at International Institute of Digital Marketing and graduated as a Multimedia Artist from DLS – CSB. She believes that she is not passionate on one thing but on so MANY things. That is why she fell in love with travel, she keeps on discovering new sights and adventure. Photography is also her hobby. She likes taking macro shots and small details people don’t notice that much. She’s also into pictures with a “heart”. Like everyone’s dream, she will travel the world. E-mail me random, your MMK problems, weird, offers, anything here:
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